I can be a game. An adventure. A tranquil place.

I am what a shell is for a hermit crab.  

A human proportioned house. A tailor made hotel. 

A capsule in the woods. 

A modest yet comfortable home. 

A threshold of a shrine. 

Dew drops, fresh air, silence, moon and stars. 

I am a mobile, technologically advanced independent unit that can be called a home with no exaggeration. 

I am here for those who know what they want and need. I am the experience of becoming part of a landscape. The chance to let the world pass by slowly while enjoying the luxury of simple things. I am in tune with powers of nature. I am a comfort the city people are used to. I am a dwelling that provides all one needs into feel good and not more than that. I am Jasněnka. I am Aranka. I am Madlenka. 


As natural as a beautiful woman of a nomad tribe, Aranka keeps the fire going effortlesly, creating a cordial home around the hearth. Her wild spirit of independence and wisdom of deep lakes breath from her very existence. Aranka aims for perfection yet remains accessible and friendly, heating up both body and soul of her guest at the wood stove and sauna. 

(Bookshelf? Sleeps 4?. kitchenette, shower, wc. Location)


Jasněnka is all about light. Energy runs through the semi-transparent walls, wrapping you in a new experience of you in space. In exchange for respect she will give you protection within walls that connect rather than divide. She is the kind of woman that gives you blessings to roam free as long as you like and fondles you at the fireplace as you get back. She smells of pine, sunshine and earth and tastes like a full bodied red wine. 

(Sleeps 4, sauna, utilities, location)


Diogenes would pick this one. As strict, minimal and ascetic as a woman can be she focuses on the pure and the genuine. Avoiding excess does not affect her generosity and welcoming nature in the least.  She is the kind of woman taking you for midnight adventures in the forest and swimming in the stream and gets you out of bed with a fresh cup of coffee made on fire when the sun is comes up.