Two ponds

On the shore of a pond called Vandrovsky, under a gnarled ancient Oak, hides a place that caresses with its surface’s cool palm, mirroring the sky above you. Alder, Aspen, Oak and many others will be your faithful companions in this magical place.

On summer days, when the sun spreads fatigue across the landscape with its rays, you can walk in the shelter of the leafy forest umbrella upstream to the Chapel of St. Vojtěch, where a healing spring springs up. It heals the eyes and is cool; the palms you dip into the spring tingle with cold after a while, even on days when the summer heat is at its greatest.

Just a few metres from Aranka is a place with a view of the entire Šumava panorama. A modest bench is waiting for you under the crown of an oak tree at the edge of the field. 

Just stop for a moment, sit down and look into the distance. Because it is in the distances that everything unknown, mysterious and adventurous lies, together with memories and expectations. Dream – let your thoughts wander across the landscape as far as the eye can see. The Šumava landscape is theatrical, picturesque and welcoming. 

Low silhouettes of wooded hills alternate with pastures in the valleys, where red and plump church spires peek out at you. On summer days, their image comes alive in the warm air, dancing before you like Sulamit Rahu. The call of the Common Robin, the Blue Tit or if you are lucky in silence the Hylas will take your thoughts in its talons and bring them back under the ancient Oak Crown just a short distance from Aranka.

The two ponds are located an hour and a half drive from Prague, between Horažďovice and Plzeň.

Reservation conditions

Although Aranka is capable of accommodating up to four lodgers, she is primarily intended for lovers. However, she’ll be more than happy to accommodate a family with three children if they decide to come.

Aranka would like her guests to spend at least two nights with her. Shorter bookings are not possible.

It’s a bit of an annoyance, but we also need your consent to the General Terms and Conditions of hideandseek. They also include the Aranka Code of Ethics and Safety and Technical Rules (Technical Manual).

How to make a reservation

Click to select the day of arrival and the day of departure in our calendar. Fill in a few necessary details and that's it. Please be aware that at least 2 nights must be reserved.

Prices and payment

Aranka costs CZK 4,014 per night from Monday to Friday. The CZK 14 is the price of an oak seedling, which will be planted during your stay at Aranka in a place where the pine trees, which cannot get enough moisture from the soil for their lives, are withering. The price for weekends is a thousand crowns and one oak seedling per night higher. So CZK 5,028. The prices include 10% VAT.

In order for your reservation to be deemed confirmed, the payment made by wire transfer must be credited to our bank account no later than three working days after the reservation is made.


We deeply appreciate your time and know how difficult it is to plan days, weeks and months in advance. Work commitments, illness or just the desire to pursue spontaneous ideas with family, friends, people you love often change your long-term plans at the last minute. We understand this because we are like that ourselves. At the same time, we don't want your paid stay at one of the hideandseek places to be a commitment from which you can't escape. After all, life should be filled with ease and freedom!

In cooperation with the insurance company RVE, we have prepared a cancellation insurance option for you so that you do not lose your funds just because circumstances change your plans at the last minute. We have set everything up so that it can be done "at the snap of a finger". You can do everything with a single click directly in our booking calendar. In case you decide not to use the offered insurance and after paying for the reservation you find out that you don't want to go to Aranka anymore, we won't send you the payment back, but you can be happy that it will cover the stay for someone who couldn't afford it (single mother, student, ...).

What you don’t need to bring to Aranka

Aranka has basic equipment and ingredients for your gastronomic pleasure, such as Nepalese salt, cane sugar, Arabic coffee, Sicilian virgin olive oil and Oolong Japanese green tea. The kitchen has a pan, pot, a mocha teapot, a french press coffee maker, a teapot, cups, mugs, wine glasses, sharp knives and butter knives, plates, bowls, a wine opener, a potato peeler, a pasta or salad strainer. Organic cosmetics await you in the bathroom. There is a barbecue grill and a hammock in front of Aranka.

In the fridge you will find wines from Nepraš, Pilsner Urquell beer and olives.


Tall, kind, gentle. 

She reminds me of an Aspen on a cold autumn morning. Markéta knows the beautiful places in the area, so don't hesitate to ask her where to go for long walks, where her favourite view of Šumava is or which meadow she goes to to collect the most beautiful mushrooms. Markét, as her two friends who take care of Aranka together with her call her, will guide you and explain what our Aranka likes and dislikes.

Markéta lives in nearby Horažďovice, but she also knows a part of the world beyond Horažďovice. Her favourite is the Commonwealth. Australia, Canada and the home of the brave Maori. So if you feel like talking to her about the land across the sea, I think she will stop for a moment, reminisce and tell you a lot you don't know.

Please arrive at the meeting place on time so that Aranka and Markéta won’t be waiting long for you. Check-in is 3 pm, check-out until 11 am or you can arrange it with Markéta individually (‭+420 721 608 854‬).

A safe place to park your car is only 150 m from Aranka.

It's a gift!

If you would like to give time with Aranka to someone as a gift, we have prepared a beautiful and elegant gift pop-up voucher for you. Poetic text on a solid card (with a surprise inside) in an envelope made of beautiful Olin or Munken paper. The person you give this gift to will be able to spend time at the place where the nomadic Aranka or Popelka is currently located, at a time of their choice. If you are interested in a voucher, write to us at mail(at) We will need to know the correspondence address where we will send you the voucher. 

We offer vouchers in the following basic variants: 2 nights - weekend for CZK 10,028, 2 nights - weekday for CZK 8,028, 1 night for CZK 4,014. The listed prices include 10% VAT.

Something to taste?

Do you like to eat and taste honest, organically grown goodies? Don't want to interrupt your journey to peace and relaxation with shopping? Do you want to taste the best from local growers, breeders, producers? 

Then you have it just like us!

Because we want you to enjoy every moment with hideandseek without any worries, we have prepared a selection of the best that comes to taste in the location Palouk a Otava. There are several types of baskets full of goodies to choose from. You just have to choose in advance. We will make sure that the goodies are waiting for you on the day of your arrival at your place.

Where else with hideandseek?

Didn't find a suitable date? Are you wondering what it's like to be with hideandseek in another magical place? Try another location...